CatalaseXPAre you tired of dying your hair to cover up the grey? If you have grey hair, using Catalase XP will reverse the color back to your natural color. A bold statement to be sure, but it has worked in clinical trials, proving it can reverse the sign of aging.

The hair turns grey when your body reaches the age where your hormone levels start falling. That can be at 30 years of ages or younger. Hair requires vitamin complex to keep its natural color. If the hair doesn’t have all the nutrients it needs, hydrogen peroxide takes over and leaches out the color turning it to grey hair.

Adding Catalase XP to your daily diet will return your hair to its natural color. It contains catalase, which is an enzyme that destroys hydrogen peroxide; it can build up in the body and damage the hair cells and cause them to lose their color. That’s one of the reasons you go grey.

All you have to do is take two capsules after a meal and the catalase with fight off the hydrogen peroxide that turns the hair grey. Catalase XP also helps stimulates melanocytes, which helps the skin cells produce a darkening pigment called melanin. That’s what will help turn off the grey and turn on your natural hair color. Catalase

Catalase XP also reactivates dormant hair follicles, so they can rejuvenate your hair again.  Horsetail provides all the moisturizer your hair needs to look shiny and bright without the oily feeling. It also strengthens hair roots and protects against dry scalp.

It also contains Plant Sterols and Barley Grass, which counteract stress hormones and protects the hair from falling out, plus, barley grass will also thicken the hair by forming a protection shield to eliminate grey.

Thousands of people around the world have benefited from using Catalase XP to reverse the color of their hair. It only takes a couple of months to see the difference in hair color. Unfortunately, it won’t work over night since the hair has to rejuvenate and grow back. That’s why it takes longer to see the results, but you will see results in 3 to 8 months.

If you want your hair to go back to its original color without using a box of dye, order your supply of Catalase XP today.




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